Man On The Hill Tour

"Man on the Hill" is a theatrical performance called a fable-opus: a musical work that tells a story through narration and song.  

Take a break from the world and step into the life of a wise and loving old man as he reflects on his turning points, hardships, and victories through stories and songs.  The setting is the living room of his home where he sits and looks back at love, friendship, anger, confusion, loss, elation, and even his dog.  The musical styles include folk, rock, jazz, country, and bluegrass. 

“Man on the Hill” is a one man, two act show that is refreshingly unique and universally relatable.  John Stanley Shelley has been a professional entertainer throughout his life and this original work is a culmination of years of theater and live musical performances blended into one.


     John Stanley Shelley, whose full name is John Stanley Shelley, grew up in Keene, New Hampshire as the poor adopted son of a Unitarian minister where he was forced to grow up in a household full of love, compassion and support. He was the youngest child of two and therefore a bit of a spoiled brat. (Ask his sister.) He ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a Ring-Ding junior every day of his childhood and watched Hogan’s Heroes and Star Trek every afternoon before dinner.
     He bought his first guitar in 1978 and learned how to play a few chords. With that he went on to spend his life cooking in restaurants, waiting tables, living in basements, and eventually moving to Belize, Central America.
     It was there that John would do his Jimmy Buffet thing: sailing and snorkeling during the day and playing in beach bars at night.  On one fateful day in 2015, a music director and record producer from Nashville came to San Pedro and heard John perform.  They quickly became friends and eventually joined up in Nashville, to produce an album together, “Man on the Hill.”  
     John and his wife Linda moved back to Laconia, New Hampshire in 2018 where he has been performing full time-ish ever since.  They have four children, three grand kids and although he is definitely too old to be a rock star, he doesn’t understand that which is why you are reading this today.