During the coronavirus outbreak, I thought it would be nice to have a version of the book that kids could watch... giving mom and dad a 15 minute break during their busy day.  It was so much fun putting this together and reading all the parts.  My wife, Linda, did a great job as Melody Mouse.  Enjoy!

Snitch the Fraccoon

The Adventures Of Snitch The Fraccoon

In Search of the Magic Crystals

Did you know that John Stanley Shelley was also a children's book author?  Well, it really shouldn't be much of a surprise if you've ever met him.  It seems a day doesn't go by where he isn't creating something new and excciting.

In 2012, in conjunction with his card game, Bag-O-Loot, (yup he invents games too!) he published this wonderful children's book.  Illustrated by Stefan Walmar, this delightful story follows the adventures of Snitch, a fraccoon (half fox, half raccoon) as he tries to find the five magic crystals needed to power the carnival.

The entier book is written in rhyme and is a joy to read and a joy to hear.


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The Adventures of Snitch the Fraccoon Book One: In search of the Magic Crystals

Written completely in rhyme, follow the adventures of Snitch (a fraccoon) as he solves clues and finds the new magic crystals to save the day.

Your child will love listening to this story and reading it on their own (2nd grade reading level)

Colorful, full page illustrations make this a family treasure.

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Personalized Hardcover
  • Personalized Hardcover
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This page, located In the back of the book, will be personalized with the name of your child so they can get their own message from Snitch the Fraccoon. The book will also be autographed by the author.

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